Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow Chains and Winter Tires for Winter Car Travel

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Wintery conditions cause havoc for roads in climates that see sustained cold temperatures with any significant amount of snowfall. Saying that, even a little bit of snow on a paved surface will create dangerous and challenging driving conditions.

Typically winter tires will give you far more traction over your regular weather tires and even your all seasons. All-season tires are fine for driving in wet rainy conditions but when there is any amount of snow on the ground the tread is not deep or efficient enough to gain any traction. On a flat surface your stopping distance is significantly reduced in snowy conditions with winter tires over all-season. It's not even worth mentioning the using summer tires in snow because that is just recklessly dangerous and should never be considered. Even the slightest degree incline, like a driveway, will give you trouble in the snow with the wrong tires. You can try tricks like adding cinderblocks to your truck if you have a rear-wheel vehicle to try to gain added traction; but really, there is no substitute for having better winter tires to get you around safely in the snow.

In very heavy winter snow conditions, adding chains to your tires will increase your traction and climbing by 100 percent. They will also improving your stopping in the snow or on hard-packed ice significantly over not having tires. Even over studded tires, chains will improve you're stopping distance by half. Typically, chains will only be used when required by local authorities such as in extreme winter conditions or in mountain areas, going up to a ski area for example.

When using chains you need to be aware of the power axel and put the chains there. The traction is obviously needed there as that is the driving force for the momentum of the vehicle. If it's a front wheel drive vehicle for example, then the chains need to go on the front two wheels. You should be careful of any break lines, steering or suspension when putting the chains on, ensuring that the chains are securely fashioned around the wheels. With all wheel or four-wheel vehicles you need two sets of chains, chains on all the wheels, as you need even traction for all wheels that are powering the vehicle. Saying that, even on two-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended to have two-sets of chains, all wheels with chains, so that there is no compromise of traction. Having only one set on a front-wheel drive car for example can cause the back to slide out from behind.

If you are from a warming climate and visiting a colder one during the winter season do take caution and be aware of how to approach these conditions. If you are renting a car while you are visiting a colder climate in winter then definitely get a vehicle outfitted with winter tires or have some chains that you can use if the conditions get very tough. If your vacation plans take you into a mountain area or up to a ski resort then don't take any chance and make sure you are in a vehicle that is appropriately outfitted for the season and conditions. Having chains is never a bad idea as even the seemingly most well prepared cars can get into difficult situations in the snow and the only way out is by having that extra traction that only chains can provide. Your vacation time should be spent enjoying your time and your experience in the winter wonderland you may be visiting, not stuck frustrated as you try pushing your ill-equipped vehicle out of the snow.

When you are visiting Vancouver in the winter please consider your winter tire rental equipped vehicle from Pacific Car Rentals. We offer a variety of vehicles with winter tires and even rent chains so that you can be absolutely sure you will get up to the mountain resort or through the snowy city conditions without any worry.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Guide to Auto Detailing

By Aaliyah Arthur

If you want to enhance the look of your vehicle, take it to an auto detailing shop. Most places charge a nominal fee for auto detailing services. If you find that you are in between paychecks and can't afford to get to an auto detailing shop right away, you can do some light detain on your own until you are able to get to the shop.

The first thing you need to do is to wash the outside of the car with soap and water. You can use a car wash liquid or you can use dish soap. Be sure to have another bucket available with just plain water. Take a hose and spray the car down to get rid of the grime and dirt. Wheel cleaner can be sprayed onto each wheel and let it sit for a few minutes. By letting it set, it will soften up the brake dust and will allow you to have an easier time to cleaning your wheels using a sponge and soapy water, clean the vehicle one side at a time. It is usually easier to start with the roof and work your way down. Then rinse off the car and then clean the wheels with a brush and then rinse them.

Clay bars can be bought at any automotive parts store. There are different grades available, but fine or medium is best. What the bar does is it gets all the bugs, grease, dirt and contaminants off of your car. Take an empty spray bottle and add soap and water. Spray each side of the car with the soap and water mixture and then take the clay bar and rub it over the parts of the car in order to remove all of the contaminants. Then take a hose and rinse off the entire car.

Polishing your vehicle can be done by hand with a rag or by using an electric buffer. Many people tend to choose an orbital buffer because it helps to prevent them from ruining the paint. As a small amount of the polish either straight onto the car or onto the buffer pads. You then need to let it dry completely before the next step.

The next step is to take a swirl remover and go over the entire vehicle with a swirl of mover which will help to get rid of scratches and swirl marks. Let the remover dry and then take a clean cloth and wipe down the car.

Take the rubbing compound and clean the taillights, tailpipes and headlights. If you find that the headlights are starting to look faded, you may need to utilize some sand paper along with soap and water. There are also kits that are sold that are used to clean the headlights and tail lights. Be sure not to utilize a lower number texture of sandpaper, because this will scratch plastic and you may not be able to fix it after that. You want the finest sandpaper but not the lowest number. You can clean the tailpipe with polish that is made to clean aluminum or metal.

Take a clean cloth and some liquid wax in order to ask the vehicle. You do not need to use a lot of wax. Let the wax dry on your vehicle and then take a clean rag and wipe the car down. The end result will be a shiny vehicle.

Taking your vehicle to a Raleigh auto detailing company will make it look brand new. To contact skilled professionals, please see: http://www.peak-auto.com.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buying Rental Car From Avis

By Joel Dammann

You need to know that buying a car that was used like a rental isn't a bad idea, although most people will explain that these vehicles have been driven aggressively plus they are not inside a good shape. Obviously, there are such cases but many of the cars that used to belong to accommodations company have been maintained and serviced therefore the chance of purchasing a lemon is reduced. One way to purchase a car rental could be through AVIS.

As most of you realize, AVIS is really a car rental company and whenever time comes to allow them to purchase new cars, some of the previous models are replaced. Buying car rental from AVIS can be exactly what you need as you won't be spending a fortune and most of the cars are a newcomer (1-2 years old). Even though odometer will read significantly more miles than a regular two years old car has, the organization is known for being very meticulous as it pertains down to maintaining the cars in the lot.

They sell these cars through their AVIS Car or truck Sales program and every one of the vehicles need to undergo rigorous maintenance verification. They polish the cars to be able to bring them a new shine, they remove any stains and/or dirt from the interior cabin along with other similar things that result in the cars look better.

AVIS, as well as other important car rental agencies put a great deal on maintaining their cars, especially if we take into consideration there are some travelers who don't treat the rented vehicles because they treat their very own cars. Some bring them roughly while others make a mess from the interior. These businesses are extremely attentive with maintaining the cars simply because they certainly don't have to have one to collapse while the client is driving it.

Seek information before choosing car rental from AVIS to discover when the vehicle may be worth the cash before signing on the dotted line. Exactly like you were buying any other type of car or truck, it would be wise to obtain the vehicle's full history report from CARFAX or AutoCheck.

These rental companies, including AVIS, are willing to negotiate the high cost from the car so before heading down for their offices you want to do your homework and find out the real market value of the car that you want to purchase. Additionally, you'll have to set a clear and reachable budget and exercise your negotiation skills. If you are looking for a more recent vehicle with a higher mileage in a fair price, buying a car rental is the perfect choice for you.

Joel Dammann writes about Buying rental car from Avis at his Car blog.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maintaining Your Car's Mirrors

By Levi Quinn

Your car probably means a lot to you, right? You have most likely invested a great deal of cash (or financing) into your vehicle and try your best to keep it running as perfectly as possible. But ask yourself this: when is the last time you thought about your car's mirrors? As important safety features, your car's mirrors allow you as a driver to connect with the other vehicles on the road and maintain an accurate idea of where other automobiles are. Mirrors keep drivers and their passengers safe, keep the number of accidents lower than they could be, and allow you to confidently share the road with other drivers. This being said, you would probably agree that maintaining the integrity of your car's mirrors is an important aspect of taking care of your car. The truth is, though, most people do not think about their car's mirrors at all.

So, what can you do to fix this issue? To maintain the quality of your mirrors and ensure that when you need to see behind your vehicle you can do so easily and safely? Follow these tips and your mirrors will help you confidently drive from one location to the next:

Make sure your mirrors are always clean. Though they may seem to be self-cleaning, thanks to rain and other forms of precipitation, you would probably be surprised by how much clearer they can be with just a spray of window cleaner and a quick wipe down. When your mirrors are dirty they can dull the image that you utilize to change lanes, merge into moving traffic, and back out of your driveway—which can lead to accidents. If you want to be sure a lane is clear before merging into it, or be certain that your neighbor's mailbox is a safe distance away before hitting the gas to reverse out of your driveway, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your mirrors.

Check periodically to be sure that all of your mirrors are working properly. Regardless of if you have power mirrors or have to roll your window down and push, all side mirrors should be flexible to allow for comfortable use by any driver. Should they stick, fail to move at all, or move too much you should have them looked at by your trusted mechanic.

Rearview mirrors are a must! Many drivers think that they do not need their rearview mirrors if their side mirrors are properly angled, but this just is not true. Of all of the mirrors in your car the rearview will most likely be the first to cause you trouble, as they often detach from the windshield, but you must make it a point to reattach the mirror as soon as possible. Your local auto repair shop should be able to do the trick.

Keeping your mirrors in shape is something that surely not everyone thinks about, but once you lose one or cannot utilize it properly you will definitely see a difference in how easily you can drive. Missing and malfunctioning mirrors can cause you to lose visibility on the road, so be sure that you maintain them!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do You Have the Emergency Equipment You May Need?

By Levi Quinn

Imagine that you are driving down the interstate and your tire goes flat. Do you know what to do to fix it? Do you even have the tools necessary to change the tire? Or consider this: you are at a park and your child falls and skins his or her leg. Do you have a bandage handy? Can you take care of the scrapes and cuts quickly to prevent them from getting infected or hurting the child any longer than necessary? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you most likely have your emergency maintenance routine down pat. But if your answer to either of these questions is no, then you should probably work in some additional maintenance measures to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Emergency equipment can vary depending upon the kind of vehicle you are driving, but if you follow these tips and adapt them to the needs of your individual car you will be well prepared for almost any issue that may arise.

Always have spare change in your car. You never know when you will need to park at a meter, utilize a pay phone, or be forced onto a toll road. With a couple of dollars in quarters stowed away in one of the many nooks and crannies that cars have for such items you will be prepared for unforeseen circumstances that may crop up.

Never neglect your spare tire! What good will it do if it is flat? When you check the air pressure of the rest of your tires be sure to pop open your trunk and check the spare. This may be easier said than done, as some cars make it easy to reach the spare and others make it more difficult, but when you are changing the tire on the side of the road you will be thankful that you took the few extra minutes necessary to ensure that your spare is road ready.

Keep an emergency first aid kit in your vehicle at all times. Accidents happen, and whether you are on the road and your child gets a nosebleed or you are at the playground and your kid falls you will certainly run into a need for bandages, gauze, and antibiotic ointment. To make sure that you are prepared for any incident, invest in a first aid kit that comes with all of the supplies you will need to keep you and your passengers safe. These can be found in a variety of sizes at your local department store and will certainly prove useful.

Keep a stash of plastic bags in the car. No one likes talking about car sickness, but the truth is that at least one of your passengers is bound to fall victim to it eventually. Be prepared for this ugly truth by keeping at least one or two bags nearby. These can also double as trash bags, so simply refill the stash as you use them and you will be good to go!

Following these tips will help you stay prepared for anything that life may throw at you—so don't put off getting your emergency supplies any longer!

Do you have teenagers in your household? If they're at or near driving age you're well aware that affordable auto insurance may seem nearly impossible to find. So before you buy or renew your coverage, compare rates and look for discounts to find that cheap car insurance for young drivers.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tips to Keep Your Car's Paint Looking Like New

By Levi Quinn

You might be more worried about what's going on with your car's engine or the inside detailing than what it takes to maintain your original paint job. Yes, this may not seem like a major concern, but taking care of your car's paint will allow you to avoid color rusting and fading in the future. In fact, just a few years of hitting the pavement can cause your car's color to grow fainter and it takes even less time if you live in a climate that requires salt on the roads during wintery conditions.

One of the easiest ways to maintain color radiance is to wash your car. Although it might not seem like a difficult task, there are certain methods you should utilize while washing to get the most out of your car's color.

Use proper tools. You want to wash your car with safe yet effective tools. Start with a paint-safe washing mitt, a bucket, and cleaning supplies that are specifically designed for vehicle use. You want to find auto cleaning supplies that are pH balanced, non-detergent formulas so they won't strip your wax. Also, lubrication in these supplies is vital, as this prevents scratching and maintains car shine.

Rinse first! You should always rinse off your car before scrubbing it up. If you skip this step and go right to sudsing, dirt and other containments could scratch your car.
Towel off! Yes, it might be tempting, but skipping the drying process can put your car in worse shape after the wash then it was before you started. In order to prevent water spots, which are essentially mineral deposits directly on your car's paint, dry off with cotton cloths or sheepskin chamois. Beware of polyester and microfiber cloths, as they can scratch your paint.

Finish off with waxing. You want to wax your car after a good wash and dry in order to protect your paint from harmful chemicals. Not only will wax protect your car against paint fading in the future, but it also makes it look shiny right away. But remember, wax your car when it is out of the line of direct sunlight.

Take one step at a time. It's important to remember that you should wash and rinse your car in sections, as doing the whole surface area at once will allow soap to dry before it's rinsed off. Also, read your car's manufacturing directions on all car care products prior to using them, as your paint might not interact well with certain substances.

Besides a frequent wash, you should also repair car chips and scratches. This will help prevent against rusting and paint discoloration in the future. Yes, it could be costly, but if you want your paint job to last this step is quite necessary.

As you can see, washing your car is the single most important and easiest way to keep your car's paint job looking new and shiny. Remember, the more you take care of your car, the better it will look in the future.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Few Car Maintenance Don'ts

By Levi Quinn

Here's a no-brainer: A car or truck of any variety is bound to be an enormously complex machine. It doesn't matter the make or the model; what matters is that automobiles are complicated and intricate, and therefore they require a great deal of knowledge and initiative in order to fully maintain them. In other words, you can't be a responsible car owner without knowing some of the do's of car maintenance; as in, do check your oil levels, do schedule routine service, and so forth. And just as important are the car maintenance don't's; those things you want to avoid at all cost in order to ensure that your car is running its best.

For instance: Don't make the mistake of thinking that regular washing and waxing are irrelevant, or that they are merely cosmetic. Actually, these acts are important parts of the maintenance cycle. Washing and waxing your car on a regular basis will help ward off any corrosion, and will ultimately extend the life of your vehicle.

Here's another one: Don't pretend like your engine light is irrelevant, and don't ignore it when it comes on. Contrary to what you may think, this light is not some ploy by the dealership to get you to bring your vehicle in for servicing. When the engine service light is ignited, it's because there is something wrong with your vehicle's engine. Often, it is a relatively minor thing that a mechanic can fix quickly, but if you ignore it, the problem could escalate, and the repairs could ultimately become far more costly and time-consuming.

And on a related note, here is, perhaps, the most important don't of them all: Whatever you do, don't neglect routine maintenance. Scheduling your car for a regular check-up at your local mechanic or dealership service center may seem inconvenient now, but be sure that it's ultimately a much better use of your time and money than waiting for your car to start falling apart. Routine service can prevent the need for costlier, more major repairs and replacements down the road.

With that said, here's one last don't, this one to help you save some money; don't take your car in for servicing when it isn't necessary. This may surprise you, but in reality, a lot of folks take their automobiles in for oil changes far more often than is necessary. There are a lot of myths about how often an oil change is truly necessary, but you can get the real scoop just by consulting your owner's manual.

The basic gist of all of these, of course, is simply that negligence will prove to be costly in the long run so, if you want to keep your car on the road without shelling out big bucks, simply don't ignore regular, routine maintenance. Taking care of your automobile in the short-term will ultimately prove highly beneficial in the long run.

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